Today, Mowarredi addresses to an ever wider and demanding clientele and is at the complete disposal of each client, to guide them through the fulfilment of their own wishes and dreams, and to transform their houses into their homes, a space that becomes the symbol of their self-expression.

In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we avail of a team of expert designers able to find the right balance between our various individual backgrounds and the essential needs of everyday life: functionality, practicality and durability.

Our aim is to develop new solutions and ideas that are able to answer to and satisfy our client’s expectations throughout the whole process: from planning to drawing and from building to fitting, by optimising all components and accessories.


If you haven’t chosen a trusted professional yet, our team offers the expertise and competence of interior designers and architects who are an integral part of our creative group; they are those who will give shape and form to your ideas and will follow you throughout the whole process.