In order to offer an even wider spectrum of products and to fully satisfy our clients’ needs, we never stop looking for new, state-of-the-art technologies and for this reason, in our laboratory, we have new machinery and cutting edge equipment.

Tradition and innovation are in synergy; traditional craftsmanship is now enriched and completed by both the production technology and the knowledge of our master carpenters, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

In our works we never forget about the magic element that is proper of wood working; this is why each production phase keeps distinctive artisan features: this enables product flexibility and continuous quality control, both essential qualities to guarantee that each single detail is taken care of.

Our products are created with the special care known only to expert woodworkers.


Cosy, comfortable, welcoming, intimate: this is our idea of home furniture; our wellbeing at the centre stage.


Office furniture has a double role: not only it allows to work in a better and more comfortable environment, but it is also the expression of the company image.


A unique partner with whom interconnect to plan and realise the house of your dreams, your office or your retail area.